Monday, July 28, 2008


One of my friends, Allison, posts "happies" every Monday. Happies are just random things that she loves. Don't know if I'll be a weekly "happies" blogger, but here are a few things that make me REAL happy:

1. Starbucks-- yes, I am prego. Yes, I drink caffeine. I am working on it, but you know there other things higher on the list that take priority ;) I did SO good with Alex and never had caffeine. So, my current fave is the Caramel Frappuccino. See, that is just love. It has 90mg of caffeine and you can apparently have up to 300mg's of caffeine a day while prego. I don't think I've come remotely close to tapping out :)

2. Blue Bell Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
There is a pattern here-- lots of fattening foods :) I wonder why Carson is kicking me to death?!?! Hmmmm

3. So You Think You Can Dance-- the best dance show eva!! Not really loving any of the girls, but Twitch & Joshua are my current favorites. I am bitter that Will got kicked off. VOTE PEOPLE!!! I never have but think it's time to step it up this week after Kherington & Will :(

4. Afternoon naps-- they are rare, but I've been indulging in an afternoon nap once a week at least. I know this is a limited time offer.

5. Salt. I like it. It makes me swell. Deal with it. And I like the Sea Salt. That's for hard core salt addicts.

6. Baby wipes-- are the best invention ever! I don't know how I survived without them! Now that my tummy is a "catch all" for everything, it's nice to have a wipe stashed for those embarassing spill moments.


Ebes said...

sMELS! I would like to add:
1. tank tops with built in bras
2. sugar free pudding :)
3. expandable pants

love you!!

Jaime said...

Playdates that include a workout, lunch, and pool!! hehe