Monday, August 4, 2008


Yay, more happies!

1. In an attempt to cut down on the caffeine (which I've done really well with so far) I discovered a new hidden talent at Starbucks-- Blended, iced, green tea, with three honey packets. Okay, clearly nothing is going to compare to the Frap, but with 1/3 the caffeine and all of the benefits of Green Tea, this is a much better choice. And it's $2.00. Yea Starbucks!!

2. Expandable pants-- maternity pants are the best! Why don't we wear these all the time? buttons or zippers. Easy access :) HA! No really though the only benefit to the tight pants is that you actually feel full, so that helps with portion control.

3. Pregnancy. Yes, even in the 9th month in August (105 degrees today) it makes me happy! I am cherishing all of the kicks, rolls and feeling in your belly that only a mommy can describe. Nathan said jokingly last night "okay, look at me and look at you and tell me you want to be a woman right now." As crazy as it seems, I do want to be. It's such a gift to get to carry around a little miracle with you. It certainly gives you a feeling of importance. It makes the little things seem very insignificant. Enough with the sentimental talk :)

4. People Magazine. It's my guilty pleasure. Thank you Nathan for the weekly escape!

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