Monday, October 10, 2011

Pinnacle Park - Saturday, October 8

We had such a chill weekend! It's been pretty non-stop over here with the move, getting settled in, new job for Nathan, Carson's steroids, new schools for get the idea. This Saturday, we loaded the kids up and took them to Pinnacle Park. It was literally a perfect day. Can you believe we live roughly 5 minutes away from this?

We can't!  It's so incredibly beautiful and natural here.  We see deer regularly - the hills are breathtaking.  I cannot wait to see all of the leaves turn this Autumn. 

I wanted to journal this trip because it was one of those family memories I don't want to forget.  The four of us started playing at the park.  Alex made friends, it was a blast...and then I noticed a hiking trail behind the park.  I've always wanted to take Carson for a nature walk, but I feel intimated to take both kids alone (mainly because I don't ever know what to expect from Carson).  Today was the day we decided to go for it.  I asked Carson, "Do you want to go for a walk?"  And he said, "Yay, a walk, load up - let's go!"  Too cute.

He and I had the best time together.  He stayed by my side for every second.  I imagined he would run off or get scared and start screaming - it was the opposite.  We talked about things we could see, hear, smell and touch.  We stopped and looked at the leaves - identified their color, talked about their size.  We picked up pine cones (a sensory nightmare!)  We touched pine needles (he even tasted one!), we played with a rolly-polly, we listened for birds and imitated the sounds.  We watched the squirrels playing and I remember asking Carson how big the trees are and he said ,"to the sky" and put his hands above his head.  As people would walk by he would greet them by saying, "Good morning!"  He kept asking to "hold hands" too.  Melt my heart!

I'll never be able to put into words how special this time was for me as his mom.  I remember I stopped and just hugged him forever.  I was trying to hold back the tears.  I just loved this perfect moment in time.  I wish I could have that walk with him everyday.  In that moment, I didn't see a little boy with Autism.

I got to take Alex for a walk next.   As you can imagine, it was a very different, but equally fun "adventure."  We stopped under the bridge and listed to cars, we found a HUGE snake in the water, we climbed a tree, etc.  At one point she said the funniest thing to me.  She said, "God is so bizarre!  He turns tadpoles into frogs and caterpillars into butterflies.  He is full of magic tricks."  I agree, Alex.  And I just love the way she thinks and takes life in.  BTW - bizarre is her current word of choice. 

It was such an awesome day!  I don't want to ever forget how much I absolutely cherish my family.  Nathan and I both stopped and had a "Hallmark moment" together.  Precious times.


The Garners said...

SOOO glad y'all are here! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend together. I LOVE this time of year. Been thinking about you this week.
:) Jamie

Noelle Keiley said...

Aw. What a fun day! God is bizarre indeed. :-) So happy to hear about Carson's progress. Love to the Darby fam!