Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dancing Diva - February 2011

Our little dancing queen is back at it again! She loved ballet so much last year and has been telling us that she really wants to start classes again. We already have her taking gymnastics on Tuesdays and she isn't willing to give it up, so what do we do...cave and sign her up for both! Did you expect anything less from me, really? I would take her everyday if I could! I love dance, cheer and gymnastics so much - it was such a huge part of my childhood. I am thrilled that Alex is enjoying it like her mama. And can I just say wow, thank you, to my mom and dad?! It's not cheap! Once again I am learning to appreciate my mom and dad from becoming a parent. What an investment. This year, we signed her up at Diane Cole Johnson again, but this time she is taking tap, ballet and tumbling. It's a one hour class. I still think her favorite part is dressing up though. I had so much fun watching her put on tap shoes for the very first time. Priceless entertainment. She gets the "sass" face going and puts on quite a show for me, the dogs, the wall - really, anyone or anything that will watch. Mark the calendar for June 20th: Alex's big recital. So far, so great! Here are two pictures before her first class:

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