Friday, February 4, 2011

Brrrrr in D-town: February Snow Days

Wow have we had our share of snow this winter. We've missed a record 5 school days in February due to the massive arctic tundra that is known as 1833 Boyd Court, Carrollton, Texas.

I found this article and thought it would be cool to note: This past weekend, Dallas got its largest snow day ever as 9.8 inches of snow was recorded to have fallen on Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport as of 10:00pm Dallas time and it's still coming down. That is the most snow in Dallas ever, at least since it started collecting weather data 111 years ago. The previous record was 7.8 inches in one day set in 1917 and again in 1964.

Unreal, huh? Here's the kicker...Dallas wasn't prepared at all. Over 150,000 residents lost power. And of course, we are ALWAYS a statistic. Um yeah, we lost our HEAT! Super fun! If you can imagine a 2-year-old and 5-year-old stuck in a small living room with a fireplace and space heaters for 72 hours, you can imagine it was GOOD TIMES. The kids handled it pretty darn well considering, but seriously, I can vouch: it was misery!

Poor Nathan was camped out in the office - shivering and trying to work. I was whipping up as many batches of homemade baked potato soup as possible and trying to stay sane and warm. I don't think I did so well on that goal, but we did survive! We finally got the heat working again, and then we were able to have some FUN! It was simply too cold to want to play in the snow when the heater was non-existant, but as soon as we warmed up, we piled on as many layers as humanly possible and headed out. Here are pictures from our awesome snow-filled adventure in Oakwood Springs (our 'hood):

Our cutie trying to accessorize even in the "arctic conditions"

Our backyard - day one

Prepping for snow ice cream

Cute snow bunny

"Baby on the Loose" - B on the L as we say

He loved the snow

Our little Eskimo was all over the place

Snow angels

Carson is scoping out Daddy's Jeep

Alex was in heaven

Our casa - pretty with the snow

C is headed for trouble

"Pee-a-boo" as Carson says

Darby sandwich


C's favorite activity by a mile - splashing over and over again in the water
Fun times with Daddy

My 2 favorite men

Seeing this melts my heart

Interesting snow lady

Precious snow bunny

My loves. Aww, I want to freeze this moment in time.

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