Friday, October 29, 2010

Baylor Homecoming, October 23

I can't believe it's already been 9 years (for me) and 10 years for Nathan since graduating Baylor University. As I look back, I have such fond memories and amazing really was a golden time in my life. I was most excited about bringing Miss Alex to the festivities this year because she has never been down to Baylor. She has heard quite a bit about it so she was ready to go! She asked me if she was going to meet her prince there just like I did. I told her, "Not today...but maybe someday." Too cute.

My mom was awesome and watched Carson for the day and we headed to Waco as a family of three. As soon as we got to Floyd Casey Stadium, we heard that the game was delayed due to lightning within six miles of the stadium. The sky was dark and the wind was blowing...we were just hoping to stay dry. Ha! Not so much - we got stuck in a 30 minute torrential downpour. A group of us were huddled under a makeshift tent and the rain got so bad we even saw a student run and jump in the dumpster to hide. GOOD TIMES! We were absolutely soaked. Alex was such a trooper - in fact, she was throwing her head back trying to collect rain drops. That's my girl! The rain finally subsided and we were able to make it back in for an awesome, awesome football game. Alex kept shouting, "Let's watch some football!" She is sooo cute!

At halftime, Rachel and I went to the locker room to stretch and get ready to cheer. Every homecoming, the spirit squad alum are invited to come and cheer for a quarter of the game. We had a good group of people this year. It is such a blast to reconnect with everyone and catch up...and most of all, stunt! Having my best friend on the field made it a perfect day. Rach, I had the best time with you! I am always surprised we are still able to fly, especially after cranking out two kids. Just sayin'. We certainly weren't perfect and I definitely biffed several times (um, you know who you are-- hehe), but it was absolutely worth it! Ronnie (one of the alumni cheer guys) came up to me said I had a "joker grin" I was so happy. He was right - there is just nothing like it. Stunting keeps me young. I sat on a happy cloud for the rest of the day and for several days following. Stunting will always hold a special place in my heart - and the people are what make it so addicting. Say what you want, but I adore it and always will! I ended up with a broken rib as a souvenir...but there is always a hangover for a good party, and this one was certainly worth it.

I look back and see miles of memories....very special ones that I will always cherish. And I look at where we are now, ten years later with two beautiful children and thank God. We are abundantly, ridiculously blessed.

Here are a few pics from our weekend:

Stunt practice in Dallas to get ready for the game - Mel and Jason Smith

Mel and Jason Maggard

Mel with Mike Martinez (the man that taught me how to stunt...many moons ago)
Mel and Jason
Alex & Kaitlyn - our future cheer squad
The entire alumni crew
My girl doing an awesome - ahh! This is a memory I'll never forget. Look at my expression in the background :)
Paper Dolls
Can you pick the two cheerleaders that don't have kids? Ah yes, the two that can still grab their foot! LOL!

Baylor football rose to the challenge, making Homecoming a Baylor Bowlcoming with a 47-42 win over Kansas State. With the victory, the Bears improve to 6-2 on the year, reaching bowl eligibility for the first time since 1995! I think we were good luck, don't you? Way to go, Bears!


Jaime said...

ahh a broken rib? oh no!! glad you had so much fun!!

Sally said...

shut up!!! a broken rib??? i didn't know that!! ya'll looked amazing. so proud!!!!