Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pre-K Graduate (Part 1)

Our Alex is an official graduate of Pre-K (as if they fail students). You wouldn't believe the production Butterfly School put on to celebrate our children. I knew it would be a special night, but to top it off my parents and Cindy & Stuart came to cheer Alex on. That meant so much to me! It takes a village, and they are the best village! Each grade sang songs and Alex's class did an entire song in Spanish. I have to say, this was one of those really special moments to be Alex's parent. She was on the front row and gave an Oscar winning performance! That child loves to be on stage. She was in her own little happy place, dancing and singing while the others stood and sang their lines. She really did stand out! (Granted, I am biased but the entire family agreed). Wait, they are probably biased too ;)

After the performance, the Pre-K classes had a graduation ceremony. Each teacher spoke before her class graduated and when Mrs. Curissa spoke, she cried. She told us how special our children are and she shared how close she has become to each of them. I completely teared up. Ahh! Wasn't expecting that. I know it may seem silly, but I sat there and realized she is really growing up and moving on to big things in her life. I am so thrilled for her, but I am going to miss my Monday & Fridays with her. I are the pics:
The Luau performance (she's on the front row in green)
The Procession
Alex receives her diploma

/a>Alex with her incredible teacher, Mrs. Curissa

YaYa and B.B. (don't they look awesome)?

"The Village"-- we only got one crazy photo

After graduation, there was a full carnival: Alex rode the coveted pink horse

She was SO happy!

No fear (as usual)

She rode without any assistance

The petting zoo

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Sally said...

ahhhh!!! gosh, the kids are growing so fast!!! so bittersweet!

and yes!! YA YA and BB look awesome!!

{Congrats Miss Alex!!!
Love, your prince Jackson}

Ha ha