Saturday, May 15, 2010

Easter 2010 (April 2-4)

I've been waiting to post Easter pics because my sister-in-law has the great photos. These are just the shots taken from my camera. Andrea's are much better and include pics with the entire family, so hopefully I can add those later.

We decided to pack up and meet ABCDE at DeDe & Pop's house for Easter. We had an awesome visit. It was quick and action packed (as always). The kids had such a blast together. We are so fortunate to have loving cousins. Everyone gets along perfectly. I am so incredibly blessed to have this family in my life!

The majority of the pics displayed are from our adventure to Wye Mountain. There are thousands of jonquils on Wye Mountain, so it always makes for a beautiful photo op.

Carson was a maniac! When we loaded in the car to go home, he had scrapes and bumps and cuts from running and falling down so many times. He was not interested in the flowers. He just wanted to run, run, run (as you will see by the lack of good Carson photos). Needless to say, I was whipped when we were done. It was worth it though!

DeDe is a great helper. Such a cute shot with Alex anxiously waiting.
Alex leads the way...
But Carson tries to pull ahead.
Our precious kids
Alex was trying so hard to keep Carson still ;)
Carson (20 months), Alex (5 years old)
She was in jonquil heaven
This is my favorite photo of the group. Carson is running towards the cross.
Happy, happy girl
Beautiful flowers
Look at all of those gorgeous Darby kids
Everyone is looking!
Eston is unsure of what Alex is up to...shocker ;)
He quickly takes the lead
Eston is so dang cute!
Alex poses in front of the "Jesus Cross"
Only one pic of mommy...
Cousin love
The boys adore our Alex
Eston wins the height contest but he has a 5 month advantage
Our girl on Easter Sunday
Look, the silly Easter Bunny hid an egg by the birdhouse just for Alex ;)
Carson (with his battle wounds from yesterday) watches on in his PJ's while the big kids hunt for eggs
Check out all of the eggs
All 5 kids
What a wonderful holiday!


Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

those pictures are precious! you did such a good job, mel!

i can't believe how old carson is looking! every time i see him he looks older and older! is it just me or is his hair turning more blonde?

p.s. love the last pic of carson in the highchair! it looks hilarious against that background!

shannon houlihan said...

Those are beautiful pictures of the kids mel!!

Jaime said...

ahh your kids are so beautiful!! loved all the pics!! and the graduation stuff is so sweet!!!