Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break 2010 - March 15-19

Wow, I'm verrrrrrry behind. Spring Break was AWESOME! Deb came in from Little Rock to spend time with me & the kiddos. It was so wonderful to have Alex home for the entire week-- no schedules (except for C's nap). Just fun! We stayed very busy...the way we like it!

Here are pics from Deb's first visit to Fossil Rim (record breaking attendance day...took over 4 hours to drive through the park):

The Darby girls are ready for an adventure!

The famous giraffe. There were 9 (several new babies).

Deb catching a moment on film.

We could hear the boys making gun shot noises in our heads :)

My beauty

Look at the pure joy on her face!

Alex feeding an Aoudad.

And feeding a "beautiful Bambi"

Mel braving the aggressive Ostrich so the family could get a laugh. He was actually much more gentle than several of the past encounters. IT'S A BIG BURD :)
Next stop: The Butterfly House at Fair Park. Heaven for a little girl that adores butterflies. She even wore her butterfly dress for the occasion. It was amazing. The Butterfly House hosts species of butterflies from all over the world. Alex asked great questions and loved every minute. They keep the inside temperate similar to "rain forest climate"-- so it was very, very warm and humid. We were soaked by the time we left. It was so worth it though. Carson tracked a butterfly or usual, he was along for the ride. Alex's favorites: the Adonis Blue Butterfly and the Zebra Butterfly. Here are a few pics:
The fam out front

Sweet girl so excited to go inside

Andonis Blue Butterfly (gorgeous turquoise wings when they open)


Carson hangin' in there...

DeDe and Carson catch their breath

Beautiful girls

Can you see the joy? I can!

The Zebra butterfly

Thousands of chrysalis - each marked with species type, origin and life span.
I adore this photo. She is so grown up!
Finally, we go from 78 degrees to 5 inches of snow in less than 24 hours. Only in Texas, right? Here is a picture of a brave DeDe trying to make Alex happy before she had to go back home. You are awesome, DeDe!

Good times!


Ebes said...

ummm...oh hell no on the BIG BURD!! Ebes says "NO"!!!!!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

that is so freaking awesome! when we come up sometime we have to take the boys to those places!