Monday, March 15, 2010

Manic Monday

My friend, Ebes, posted an entry on her blog about the "fun" Monday she had last week, so I am just following in her footsteps.
Today was REAL fun. What is happening to my Darby boys? The nutritionist suggested I use fresh spinach in our daily smoothies to give Carson an extra dose of vitamins. I use them in my smoothies so I thought it was a great idea. Not so much-- he has awful diaper rash. Again. I feel so helpless when I learn that the foods I am feeding him are hurting him. I know I can't control it all, but as a mom there is a lot of guilt and frustration.

Then, my sweet friends lose their daughter in a tragic skiing accident (see latest post). Talk about perspective. I can't imagine what they are facing and feeling right now. They have been on my mind constantly.

To celebrate my mom's birthday, we had decided to go to the Arbor Hills nature reserve to take a long walk and have a picnic with the kids. My mom headed over and meanwhile, I got a call from Nathan saying he was feeling lousy. After a few texts we decided he should come home and try to rest. So, my mom and Nathan arrive at the same time. Within 35 minutes, we have decided to take Nathan to the ER. Happy birthday, mom. I am so sorry you were home with the kids all day, but I am SO thankful you were here to help us. I don't know what I would have done. We decided Nathan should go to the hospital because he is a type I diabetic and he was getting extremely dehydrated. He couldn't keep anything down. I just couldn't handle taking care of both kids and managing Nathan's blood sugar and fluid intake. I am so glad we took him in. We aren't sure if it was a bad case of food poisoning or a stomach virus, but is one sick puppy. He received two bags of fluids and good meds.

Everyone is in bed now. I am about to do the same thing. Yeah Monday! I am learning that my initials are MED for a reason. I am in training for my Mom MD.

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Ebes said...

Mel, I am sooo sorry! suck!!! I hope the rest of the week is better. The story of your friends breaks my heart. love you!!