Monday, March 15, 2010

Beyond understanding

Please keep the Storch family in your thoughts and prayers. Tara was my "upline" in Arbonne, but she means so much more to me as a friend and mentor. We became great friends working together and I got to know her whole family during the process. The Storch family has a solid foundation in Christ. Tara and Todd are truly in love and respect each other. Tara is the most amazing mother. She (and they) are a family I adore and look up to in many, many ways.

Yesterday while on a family ski trip in Colorado, Taylor (14 years old) hit a tree in a tragic ski accident. She was wearing a helmet. She broke her arm, her leg, and punctured a lung. She was put on life support immediately. I just got word that they took her off life support. UNREAL.

I can't imagine what they are feeling. I don't have the words. I just ask for many prayers for this amazing, amazing family. I chose this picture because I love this and it represents them perfectly:

Taylor is the oldest daughter on the left.
We love you, Storch family!


Sally said...

you are kidding...that is the saddest thing. ever.

i cannot imagine...prayers to that sweet family!

Jill Williams said...

Praying for them right now.

Shae said...

In my prayers - so tragic.