Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Orange, The Butterfly

We had another incredible butterfly hatching in our home this year. I don't think we will ever be able to top "Kellah" but we certainly enjoyed the entire experience. You have to go back and watch the video at the end of last year's entry:
see: http://darbyfam.blogspot.com/2008_10_26_archive.html
(One of my favorite videos of Alex!)

Alex named her "Orange" before we even brought her home. It was such a wonderful learning experience and an even better lesson on the art of patience. Unfortunately, Orange hatched early on Wednesday morning and both kids needed to be at school at 9am, so we didn't get the hours of play time in like we did last year. But, here are pictures from our exciting morning.

Day 1: cocoon is jade green (hibernation period)
By that evening, the cocoon started to become more transparent
Our first meeting of Miss Orange, freshly hatched
Of course, Alex got to her first :)
Alex is SO happy!
Orange was patient and let us all touch her
Isn't she beautiful?
Mommy took a turn
Of course, the puppies had to meet her too. First, Macy
Then, Emmy (see Carson in the background?)
"What the heck is stuck to my forehead? I just woke up!"
I love Alex's expression in this pic
We took Orange outside to let her go...
And just like that...
She flew away! Bye! Alex was so amazing this year. Last year the devastation went on for hours. This year, Alex shouted and ran behind her, "We love you Orange. Good luck finding your family. Thanks for being at our house. Byyeeeeee!" What a difference a year makes!

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how neat Mel, love it!!!