Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween Part Two: Cinderella and her Dinosaur

On Halloween, we packed up the crew and headed to my parent's neighborhood for some trick-or-treating. We had the best time with them last year, so we've decided to make this a tradition. My parents live in a gated neighborhood, so the number of kids isn't overwhelming. But, the families go ALL out for Halloween. It's the perfect place!
We all (except for my mom-- poor baby had the flu) loaded up on a huge trailer and spent the night bouncing from house to house. Alex had the best time. She racked in some serious loot. Alex loved being Cinderella and my favorite part of the evening was watching "Prince Daddy" put on her glass slippers. Too cute! Carson had a great time too, and as usual was just along for the ride. He was such a trooper. He hung in until 10:30 without a single fuss. I do believe he is too good to be true. It was an awesome night for everyone.

Cinderella makes her grand appearance
"Prince Daddy" puts on her slipper...and it fits!
So excited to head to the ball
On our the make-up?
Our little dinosaur on the trailer ride
Does it get any cuter?
Daddy gets in on some cuddles
Happy boys
B.B. & Baylee went on the trailer ride with us
Like my cute lil halloween hiney?

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Sally said...

gah, already she is lookin so beautiful in all that makeup!!! and loved the dino costume, hee hee!!! Looked like such a fun halloween!!!