Monday, July 6, 2009

Wild weekend adventure!

I still can't believe we really did this! Nathan and I got....are you ready....tattoos this weekend! While we were vacationing in Key West, we came up with our idea. We have wanted to do this since we got married and once we agreed on the design, we were ready. We just needed to research to find the right artist to make sure everything was as safe and professional as possible.

One thing I love about being stop worrying about other people's opinions and you become more true to yourself. So, whether you like or dislike tattoos, I hope you will look at this for the meaning and symbolism behind it and appreciate that we both put on our big girl panties and got tattoos! AHH! This unites us forever in such a unique way. I love that they are completely unique-- I can't imagine anyone else in the world has the exact same tattoo.

We went to a private studio in Plano, which was really the way to go. Our artist travels to California to work on John Mayer, so I suppose he's good enough. We had an appointment, so it was just Nathan, myself and the artist. We weren't waiting downtown with a million people watching. It was private, which made the experience even more special.
Nathan's right inner bicep:

Mel's left shoulder:
I designed the "N" myself because I didn't like any of the font choices. We love that it's a unique design. We've named it the "Darby font." hehe
The meaning:
Mel has the latitude coordinates and Nathan has the longitude coordinates of where our children were born (Plano Presby hospital). It is the exact location and fortunately for us, we had the kids in the same location =)
What makes them special is that the meaning only makes sense when we are together. I have the north coordinates, and Nathan has the west coordinates.
Finally, my tattoo is horizontal and Nathan's is vertical. When we put them together, they form a cross, which symbolizes our faith.
I love that it represents our two great masterpieces (our children), our faith in God, and our love for each other.
Here is a video of Mel's reveal:
We are so giddy and just love them! No regrets!!


Nathan said...

Holy Crap

All About Baby Boomerang said...

You guys are so crazy!!! I LOVE it! creative and fun......

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

Yoowww!! Who's sexy bicep is that?

I just gotta say...those tatoos are friggin' awesome: classy and tasteful design, a personal/profound meaning...

Very cool!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

o.k. that last post was from ian, and i just have to say...
wow! they are beautiful!
i love that you got them together and how they only make sense when both of yall are together! you are awesome!

Sally said...

ahhhhh!! Oh my gosh!!! very cool!!! did it hurt???

Nicole Fields said...

HOLY COW! I just read this! LOVE IT…have to a little teary eyed. Very cool! Did it hurt?

Jaime said...

It looks perfect!! Congrads!!

Tara James said...

Good for you guys...I'm too chicken. so you guys rock.