Saturday, July 18, 2009

Carson month 10: June 2 - July 2

Carson's 9th - 10th month started off with a bang by going to DeDe and Pops house in Little Rock and staying the whole week while mom and dad were on vacation. I can't believe how much he grew up while we were gone. Before we left he was only eating 4-5 bites of baby food per meal. When we returned, he was eating 2-3 FULL JARS of food per meal. Go baby go! The best part of Carson taking to solids (finally) is that it has given me the ability to reduce the amount of nursing from 6 feedings to 3. HUGE improvement! He also is a pooping machine now. He went from 1 poo every 7-9 days to 3-4 per day (this fact is only for his baby book and sorry for TMI). This is much more normal to me at least and I'm thrilled! He's finally sleeping through the night too-- hallelujah! Alex slept through the night very early on. He's been a different story entirely. But, now that he is eating solids, it's really changed things for us and now he can stretch longer between meals. He still can only eat fruits, veggies and protein so our options are limited; however, I am just thankful for the progression.

Carson is rocking on all 4’s and rolls EVERYWHERE. He can crawl, but his preferred mode of transportation is rolling. It is very entertaining to watch him get stuck in the funniest places. We have to keep our eyes on him at all times. Speaking of...Alex is the cutest big sister. She is Carson's personal body guard. If he starts crying she will run in to the room and start to sing to him or try to make him laugh. If she spots any "choking hazards" she will scream at the top of her lungs, "momma, baby Carson has a chokin' hazurd!" You have to hear it for yourself, but she is too much. She loves to teach him and play with him. We are so blessed that she loves him the way she does. He's been getting into her Barbie dolls and toys and she's been extremely patient. We keep waiting for her to go to the dark side, but so far, so great.

Carson is growing tons of hair. We love giving him a fohawk. It's so dang cute. In case you are wondering (as I was) the definition of a fohawk is:
The name comes from the word "faux," which means fake in French. A fake mohawk - sides are not shaved. The fohawk appears like a mohawk when it is spiked with hair gel, but because the hair on the side of your head is longer, a person can wear it down as well.
So now you know -- aren't you so glad you keep up with our blog? hehe

Carson is a teethin' fool too. He has four teeth on top and two on bottom. OUCH! He is much more advanced than his sis in the teething department.
His latest tricks are:
* he can wave bye-bye
* says mama, dada and all done
* can pull up on his own and loves to stand
* he can magically remove his bib just like his sister did. grr!
* he loves to hear his own voice and converses with himself frequently

We took him in for his 9 month check-up and I was surprised by his stats:
Height: 28.5 in, 33%
Weight: 18lbs 12.5oz, 10% (seriously?!)
Head: 18.5, 81%

So imagine a 10% weight, 81% head sized little man!! I went and checked out Nathan's baby book and found that he and Carson are almost identical in size and weight, so I am not as worried as the doc seemed to be. We are adding more protein to his diet so hopefully that helps. I see his thunder thighs and can't imagine the dude is hurting for anything!

We have enjoyed the pool so much this summer. I am very thankful Carson is a water bug. He will stay in the pool until we've all had our fun-- he is patient and so well minded. He loves to splash and watch all of the action. He never wants to miss a minute of anything. We are enjoying him so much and I thank God everyday for blessing us with this special little man. He melts my heart and I can only imagine what he will do to the ladies someday. Here are some pics from last month:
This is his "I'm so proud of myself" face.
Love his morning bedhead. He never had a chance.
Messy, mess!
Sporting the Adam Lambert look. Alex was having fun playing dress-up.
Our lake day on Father's Day. I'll post more on this soon, but how cute are my Darby boys?!
Daddy and Carson swim time
Look at my swim ensemble! Ahhh!

This is another one of my absolute favorite pictures. I can see a glimpse of what he will look like as he gets older. So so cute. He's giving the "ummm yeah I'm hot" face!
The typical Carson expression
The typical Carson temperament = perfection!


Sally said...

ahhh! he is so handsome! I need to see him again soon. :) love the earring...ha ha. :)

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

Tall, Dark, and Handsome!

He just makes me want to squish those little cheeks!

Jaime said...

he is so stinkin cute! love the expressions!! give him a big ole hug and kiss from me!