Friday, June 5, 2009


Nathan and I are headed to Key West, FL on Monday! I can't believe we are really doing this. I have to admit, I am having a hard time thinking about being away from the kids. We went to Cancun when Alex was 6 months old and I was fine. This time, it's just a different situation. Carson is still exclusively nursing and Alex had lots of slumber parties as an infant. I've only been apart from Carson one night in his life and it was just two weeks ago for the birthday party. Six days-- ahh! Heaven! I'm sure once I'm there I will feel better. I know THEY will be fine, but I'm a mess :) Thank you mom for your help this week, we will miss you guys. And, thank you Darby fam for watching my babies. I know they will have a blast. You are brave!!
We return on the with us:

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Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

sooooooo jealous! just breathe! you will do great and it will be good for the kiddos!