Monday, June 15, 2009

Celebrity Sighting

This is my first solo blog posting (i.e. without Melissa's help), but this is one of those situations that doesn't happen to me often so I thought it was blog worthy and wanted to share it. The funny thing is that as I type, I think of the people that will be reading this and I’m pretty sure you are the wrong demographic for the news I am about to share. No offence, but I bet most of you don't follow football players like I you've been warned. For those of you that do follow football players, I appreciate you taking an interest in my childish ways when I am presented with a celebrity sighting. Shell shock with sweaty palms was the physical/emotional feeling during this whole event. I'm embarrassed to share the whole story, but I think it's funny and hope that you enjoy me in my vulnerable state.

So here it goes...
On our way back from vacation (June 14th) I was upgraded to first class and someone tapped my shoulder and asked if they could sit with their boyfriend...who was supposed to sit right next to me. I agreed and went to sit in her original seat. When I looked at the boyfriend, he looked VERY familiar. I finally figured out who he looked like, but I didn't really think much about it. When we landed I had to go back to my original seat because my bags were there. When I looked at her boyfriend I said "You know you look JUST LIKE Larry Johnson"...he smiled and said, "yeah...'cause that's me." And then of all the normal, nice, clever things to say...I said, "Thanks for your fantasy points last year." He smiled and said, "No problem.” I’m such an idiot.

Just to make things worse for myself and to dive deeper into self deprecation, I'd like to elaborate how exactly I got Larry to take a picture with me after we got off the plane. I walked up behind him while talking out of the side of my half-pursed lips saying "Paging Mr. Johnson, paging Mr. Johnson" in that voice where you try to sound like an intercom. I'm actually blushing as I write this. What was I thinking?!

Again, I was a giddy little boy seeing what I consider to be a potential Hall-of-Famer...if he could just get on a better team…he’s still very young. We shall see.

BTW - If you don't know who Larry Johnson is, he's the Running Back for the Kansas City Chiefs...and he's no scrub...he's been a top 5 RB for the past 2-3 years.


Jennie said...

How fun!!! This KC girl loves LJ!!

Jaime said...

HILARIOUS!! N8 you should post more often :)

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

paging nathan darby, paging nathan darby!
that was awesome, you clever man you! :)

Sally said...

HA!! classic!! :) very cool tho!