Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's all jacked up

Hi all,
We are home from our amazing vacation! Ahh, it was heaven! I just can't believe it's over, we are home, and life is back in full swing. It doesn't take long to get thrown right back in.

So, my computer is completely jacked up and is being rebuilt. I have NO computer-- ahh! You don't realize how attached/dependent you are to something until you don't have it. So please forgive me for the lack of posts and pictures from the trip. I promise I will get them up soon-- I just need a computer to do that.
The funny thing is that we have 3 computers in our house...umm, okay. NONE of them work?! I am married to an IT boy. Maybe I should call the Geek Squad ;)

More soon-- but for now, I am 30 weeks prego and headed to the doc for a quick check up tomomrrow. All is great and we are thrilled to be home with our daughter again!

1 comment:

John Nelson said...

3 broken computers in your house? Sounds like Nate is a poser IT guy. Get that man off the xbox and make him fix your computer(s)!!