Monday, July 7, 2008

Bahamas Vacation -- Baby Moon

Finally-- vacation pics! We truly had 8 days of heaven. We woke up one morning before 11am to get our facial and massage. It was rough!
We stayed at the Westin Lucaya on the island of Grand Bahama. Our resort was amazing.
A few highlights:

- flying first class and being introduced to the Admirals Club
- no alarm clocks or kiddo alarm clock ;)
- the mini bar raid at 2am
- beach walks
- taking a boat to the middle of nowhere and snorkeling
- meeting hilarious people from Arkansas and we became "the party" at the pool.
these kids were out of control and took us in for the day. very funny!
- having locals yell "it's going to be a girl" at my tummy
- our "heavenly bed" - they really called it that
- getting upgraded to a luxury ocean view suite b/c I am a "travel agent"
- hitting a jackpot at the casino
- Nathan smuggling Cuban cigars

We were just across the street from the City Square where all of the great local bars, restaurants and shops were located, so we walked over every night to try out a new spot.

We decided to renew our wedding vows one evening of the trip. It was so special and just us. I loved that we didn't make any plans...we just rolled with it. We found a special place on the beach and spent time talking about the past 7 years and what we've learned. The most amazing part was really reading the vows. We wrote our vows for the wedding, and we were both surprised to say that we wouldn't change a word of them 7 years later. It was a moment in time that is just ours and I'll never forget.

We decided to take a cab to the one and only movie theatre on the island. This was quite an experience!! We were the only "Americans" in attendance and we were hoping to see Wanted but it was opening night and sold out. So we decided on Get Smart because we were already on the other side of the island and didn't want to jump back in the cab. I am so glad we stayed. It was hilarious. The Bahamians were up on their feet clapping and cheering and yelling throughout the movie. The movie was cute and all, but the people made the movie awesome. We just sat and watched the groups of people get all riled up. TOO FUNNY!!

We had one of the best meals of our life at a restaurant named Lucianios. All I can say is that the staff thought we were a mess b/c we couldn't stop making "ummm" noises throughout the meal. Nathan thought it would be fun to stop and photograph every moment of dinner. We were hysterically laughing and having way too much fun.

Our babymoon was the perfect mix of staying active and being completely lazy. I am so thankful we had that time together-- our "normal" is about to have a whole new meaning!!


Tara James said...

Looks too fun! And you're the hottest prego woman ever! Congrats on the renewal girlie

Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't believe how much this affected me...the music, the pictures and the descriptions! You really make us all feel like we were right there with y'all.

I guess I'm a sap, 'cuz I actually cried when I read about your baby moon, and how "off the cuff" it was. You say that you wouldn't change a word and that's a beautiful thing.

On top of that, it looks like you couldn't have chosen a better resort, this one was JUST right for you two. I bet you were the hottest baby-mooners there!
You deserved it and you got, remember all of those great memories when reality smacks you right in the.......