Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fall Family Photos: Two Rivers Park (September 2014)

Although I haven't blogged in ages, I wanted to add these wonderful family photos taken by Jennifer McHam. I am so blessed & fortunate to have Jenny in my close group of friends and she continually uses her gifts to capture "the real us." Alex is eight years old and Carson just turned five..and we have our hands full with these two high energy, bigger than life personalities. God chose Alex and Carson for our family from the beginning, and I am thankful to be "the mommy." Carson especially scores bonus points because not long after the photo shoot, we met the Darby's for dinner and Carson fell asleep in DeDe's arms at the table. It spurred on a full week of stomach virus for everyone but Me ("The Mommy") aka "Professional bowl runner" but Daddy did have to go and get an IV it was that rough. Fun times, fun times indeed. I digress. Life is good. We are blessed beyond measure.

~Alexis Elizabeth, age 8 (third grade)

Full of curiosity, creativity and such a "free spirit"

             ~ Carson Kyle, age 5 (Pre-K)
our brilliant little miracle man...he forges his own path....

The Darby Family ~ 2 Rivers Park

Our British Service lab, Hope, joined us for many photos.  She's been the PERFECT new addition to our family.  She is the most brilliant, loving, "her soul runs deep" dog and we are indulging every moment we can with her.  She is from heaven.

Mommy gets some fun play time with the kids...

The Darby Divas

This daddy loves his daughter so much!  I love watching their bond grow stronger.  He is so good to his little angel.

"Make me fly, Daddy!"
The Newlyweds....well it's been 12 years actually and 2 kids later.  He still looks like he's very much in love.

And she is proud of the man she married and loves him more now than she ever has. She glows when he is near.

True love

;) Love this man!

Siblings - a blessing I didn't have growing incredibly rewarding watching these two grow closer.  She is a nurturer and he is a rowdy, full-of-it-boy that helps her read and spell :)  Yes, she's in third grade, yet Carson loves to quiz her for Spelling tests.

And sharing secrets...

And protecting each other...they know they are on the "Darby team" and we watch out for our team!

Our masterpieces, my life's most cherished works

I am so thankful for THIS family.


Ya Ya said...

What an incredible, group of beautiful familly portraits!!

We would have given anything to be able to be a part of this!

Blessed that we will have time to play together with you next week!!!!!!

The Garners said...

BEAUTIFUL photos of your BEAUTIFUL family!