Monday, March 11, 2013

Clarification of ASD article

The intriguing part of this report for our family specifically is the GI inflammation and the published connection to ASD.  I wanted to note that Carson was never given the MMR vaccine.  Click on the link to read the publication - that is what I am so excited about!


Anonymous said...'s so intriguing how much you are learning BECAUSE you are totally invested in your childrens lives and futures! Thanks for sharing and please- don't ever stop fighting. We are proud you are ours and we love everyone of you! mom and dad

Bethany said...


Has been reading your blog from last few days. I am the one who posted a comment about GI last week. My son regressed just few days after his Measles vaccination. He also received flu shot for the first time along with other vaccine on the same day at 18th month. His language stopped, he stopped responding to his name, he started avoid eyes (he was such a cute and smiling baby who would look into people's eyes and gave such beautiful smile).

His GI issues is making his life miserable that he is not able to go anywhere without getting sick. His local ped suggested viral therapy but I knew that wasn't the case. All his viral test came negative but still his ped suggested the therapy. He came down with major fever last week after I took out to some play places and thatswhen I read a paper by Dr. Krigsman which eventually led me to your blog while researching about GI issues. I am pretty sure my son has every symptoms of EE .

I am just curious to know about the method of treatments involved and if it has been helping your son. I am very vary of the all the unproven things people follow blindly to "cure autism". For me ths issue is to help my son live helathy without any pain and a normal life.

Could you write about yoru journey or would you be willing to communicate with me via email regarding this . Let me know. And since I don't see any emails linked to your blog, I wasn't able to send any emails.

I felt a god's intervention when I landed in your blog. I know he is guiding me to help my son.

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