Thursday, May 17, 2012


There is where we are in our
  • Carson is potty trained - woohoo!
  • Had the best Mother's Day ever (there have only been 7 so far, but I'll take it).
  • Alex has lost 4 teeth now - 2 by us pulling them, 2 via the dentist (yikes!)
  • Alex's last day of school is May 30th.  I can't believe we are at the end of her 1st grade year.
  • Carson is doing so so good!  Reading like no 3 year old's business ;)  He's just the most precious child!  I am so thankful for his angelic spirit.  He's pushed us a LOT lately, but his core is pure gold.
  • Nathan is doing great at his job.  His 1 year anniversary with LWSI is coming in July - he has made me so proud
  • My DAD GOT A JOB!!!!!!  And his first pay check on Monday.  God is so so good!  We are incredibly proud of him, and them for making it this far.  HANG IN THERE GUYS :)
  • We are loving our life in Little Rock.  We never questioned the move, but it is nice when God continues to reaffirm your leaps of faith :)

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