Saturday, January 28, 2012

Alex's 7th Birthday photo shoot

Today (January 28, 2012) - Alex and I headed to downtown Little Rock for a photo shoot with Jennifer McHam (Jen).  She is incredible!!  I cannot say enough about her talent and abilities to handle children.  We had SO much fun today!  I loved that today was all about Alex.  We all know it - family photo shoots can be a whip.  I wanted Alex to have the attention today and do a little something special for her upcoming 7th birthday.  She has a loose tooth, so I figure this is probably my last chance to get pictures of her with a full mouth of teeth for years ;)  I really wanted to capture a funky, urban look - and I definitely think we accomplished that. 

I've only been sent 6 "sneak peak" photos, but I couldn't help it - had to share these!  I'll be sure and post the rest when I get them.
Jen's website is:
 She is incredible - highly recommend her! they are!  AHHH!  LOVE THESE!!!!!!

All smiles

Love, love this!

This truly captures her spirit - sweet, fun & full of joy!

I'm not even sure what to say about this one.  It's my favorite by a mile.  I feel like I am looking at my 20 year old daughter.  AHHH!  Love this picture!

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Noelle Keiley said...

Your family is gorgeous! Like, the families whose pictures are in the frames when you buy them good-looking. Can't wait until we're closer! A big Happy Birthday to lovely Miss Alex!