Monday, December 12, 2011

Our first snow in Little Rock

We experienced our first snow in Little Rock and wow, it was gorgeous! It was the "perfect snow" because there was just enough snow to cover everything, but the roads were clear. Sparing you all of my cheesy Hallmark sayings, I'll just leave it at this. As I drove to and from taking the kids to school, I talked to God. And He talked to me. I kept pulling over to take was a beautiful, spiritual morning for me. And in that time, I was reminded that in just one night God can change everything. One snow reminded me that seasons come and go, that times changes and no matter where we are in our life, time continues to move forward. And that, it a beautiful thing.

Speaking of beautiful:

Our front porch

View from our porch
Our yard
Our home

Golf course

Pleasant Valley

The park

The street sign I pass every morning
Look at all the snow - gorgeous!

Street view
Beautiful trees

1 comment:

shannon houlihan said...

Wow that is some snow!! Beautiful! Looks amazing compared to our 85 degree day down here with the A/C cranking!!!