Sunday, November 27, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Carson is at the most adorable stage ever!  I truly can't imagine him being ANY cuter, sweeter or more precious.  He just turned three back in September and we are loving every minute.  I wanted to make sure and capture a few of our favorites so they are not forgotten:
1."Dank you, Mommy"- he's so polite and always says thank you for things
2. "Quiet mouth" - when he's being too loud, he covers his mouth and says "Shh, too loud,  Carson needs a quiet mouth."
3. He sings Happy Birthday to french fries.  "Happy Birthday dear French Fries..." at least once a day.  Too cute!
4. He loves to "take a bow" anytime he does something good.  "Carson take a bow."  "Daddy, take a bow..." you get the idea.  Everyone in the house takes bows daily.
5. "Mommy sad - mommy cry" - he loves it when we "pretend cry" so he can run into our arms and tickle us and cheer us up!

Precious, angelic child! I want to eat him up!

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