Tuesday, January 11, 2011

While Mommy was away DeDe came to play

Here are the pics DeDe took while I was in Atlanta for the work conference. As you will see, she was a trooper and pretty much stayed home the entire time I was gone. Carson's chin was in the early healing phase and we didn't want to risk stitches, so I really appreciated everyone staying tucked in for a few days. The kids seem to be most happy at home, so it was a win-win.

Snow bunny, day one

Snow bunny, day 2

So clearly, we aren't prepared for "real" winter weather in Texas. May need to invest in some better clothes next year!

Alex was in heaven making snow ice cream

Our little snow angel

Bubble bath queen

Carson's favorite chill spot

Alex braving the pit at gymnastics class

Attempting the high bar solo

Fun times in the puppy tent. I love this picture of our kids playing together.

"Can anyone see me?!"

"Workin' on my bikini body"

Macy was soooo happy there was a new puppy in town

Carson + iPhone = Happy 2 year old!

Thanks again for the wonderful week. The kids had the best time!

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