Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow Day-- February 11, 2010

We just experienced the "most snow in a single day" in Texas history. We got 8 inches of snow! UNREAL! Needless to say, Alex was freaking out. She has been asking for snow for months. Um, she got her wish. Here are some pics from our frigid, but fantastic day:

School wasn't cancelled, so she headed to her pre-K Valentine's party


Alex & Daddy brave the arctic conditions :)

Mommy & Alex decide to get crazy and jump on the trampoline with 8 inches of snow. Heavy!

Alex & Daddy get into a major snowball fight

Our little snow angel

She nailed Daddy with this massive snowball

Don't worry, daddy got his revenge

Check out all of the snow!

Our home

All smiles after building the huge snowman

We are FROZEN!

B.B. & YaYa came over and built a snowman with Alex in the backyard too. After a long and fun day, we all cuddled on the couch and watched Ice Age 3 together. What a perfect day!


Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

looks like you guys had so much fun! i wish we would have gotten some of that snow down here!

Sally said...

awww - so fun!!! Waco is getting snow now!! hopefully we can go out today or tomorrow and do this kinda playing!!!

shannon houlihan said...

So cute in the snow!!