Friday, November 5, 2010

Spoiled rotten girls

Monday and Tuesday were two of the roughest days I have had in quite some time. Any and everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. My dog even managed to ravage the trashcan and devour a tube of super glue (really, Emmy?!) From having a sick son out of school all week to missing Alex's bus in the was just two really lousy days. I could list 15 more things but I will spare you.
On Tuesday, I had just gotten back home from taking Carson for a blood draw (5 tubes of blood for his IgG testing). He was sick and exhausted and done and so was Mommy. I was rushing to get him in bed so I could go pick up Alex and not have to take him (it was pouring rain and I just wanted my little guy to get some rest). I ran out to get Alex at the bus and the kids all explained that I had missed the bus. AHH! I've never missed her before! Fortunately my mom was on her way over to take Alex to gymnastics and was able to help. When we got to her she took a nasty spill down the stairs and was in hysterics from falling and being left. Good times. When we finally got back home, Carson was sleeping and we were all trying to recover. I heard the doorbell ring and of course the dogs went nuts. I was rushing around trying to quiet them because I knew they would wake Carson and when I went to the door I saw a box from ProFlowers. Hmm?! My amazing husband just happened to send me two dozen roses and chocolates as a "just because." He had ordered them the week before, not knowing that this would be a disastrous week. He just wanted to tell me thank you for working hard and he was encouraging me through all of Carson's struggles we've been dealing with. He took the time to express that he "gets it" - and the timing was absolutely perfect. It was like a fairy tale!
Alex saw the flowers and kept asking to take them to her room. She wanted them all to herself! Little did she know...there were two dozen roses coming to her on Friday. Here are a few pictures:
Alex with her flowers

She has her daddy sooo wrapped, it's ridiculous
Nathan, I don't have the words to express how loved, cherished and needed you are. Thank you for showing our daughter that she will never have to settle for anything less than a gentleman. That was such an epic tears getting flowers ;) I'll never forget this. I love you!


shannon houlihan said...

SO sweet!! Love you Mel :)

Sally said...

oh wow. loved that - and yes, couldn't have been a better day for those gorgeous flowers. and i am just so blown away by nathan's then send Alex some! what a wonderful father and husband. you are blessed!!!