Monday, October 11, 2010

Plano Balloon Festival - September 18

On Saturday, September 18, YaYa showed up at our house unexpectedly and announced she was stealing Alex for the day and taking her to the Plano Balloon Festival. We were thrilled that they spent the entire day together. You have to understand...YaYa is not a "normal grandma." In fact, Alex even said the other day, "YaYa is not my grandma, she is my best friend." That explains a lot, don't you think? YaYa is such a blast and when those two are together, no one else exists.

Needless to say they had a wonderful time watching the balloons, getting Alex's face painted, playing games, jumping in the bounce house, etc. Alex was wiped out when we picked her up. Here are a few pics:

Alex was in heaven with her blue unicorn face painting
She kept this on her face for two days - ha!
This is what happens to a fella after spending the day with YaYa
How could she ask for anything more? Thanks for the awesome day, Yaz!

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