Friday, October 1, 2010

Carson's 2nd Birthday Party: September 10, 2010

I can't believe our baby is two! It is unbelievable how quickly the time is flying by, especially with two children. On Friday, September 10th, we hosted an Elmo birthday bash for our little man. The party was at our HOA clubhouse which was perfect for 15+ toddlers and their siblings. DeDe & Yaya (the Grandmothers) helped out in a huge way by coming early to help set up. DeDe totally hooked us up by baking the cupcakes and helping me with Carson's homemade cake.

We decided to go with an Elmo theme because Carson loves Elmo and he can actually say "Eeeeemmmmoooo" and he can even sing the "That's Elmo's World" theme song. Carson had a wonderful time at the party. He was all smiles, loved watching the big kids at play, and spent most of his time eating. Par for the course.

After cake, we all headed outside because it was a perfect day to play. Alex and Ezra chased after the Canadian Geese at the pond, and Carson loved playing on the play ground. My favorite thing about this party is that it was so chill. We just had our close friends and family, and everyone was relaxed and loving it. I always have to stop and take in these moments because it seems like life is just becoming one big blur. SLOW DOWN! My baby isn't a baby anymore. I am going to keep him in footed jammies until he can tell me not to anymore. I can't believe he is such big stuff. He is our love and bright spot and today was all about celebrating our little Carson. Happy 2nd Birthday, CK! Here are pictures from our special day:
Taking a swig

All smiles, all the time
Jaime and our God daughter, Sophia
Alex and her BFF, Kaitlyn

Carson with Abbi DeWall
Carson's homemade cake. It may have been gluten free, egg free, dairy free, soy free - but he got a cake dang it!

The cake table
There were 100+ cupcakes
Carson and YaYa got some sweet cuddle time
So precious
This is a group of incredible women. I love you all dearly!
Mother & Daughter
I am pretty sure Alex thought this was her party. Isn't the outfit great?
The girls. Clearly, Mel didn't get the "black and gray" memo.
My moms mean the world to me.
The black and gray girls
Mel & N8
The whole fam (minus the top of Nathan's head)
Carson's first impression of the cake... "Umm, I don't think so."
"Hmm, okay, I'll give this a shot."
Carson's first taste
"Poke, poke, poke the Elmo"
That's my boy diggin' in with his fork
Now that's more like it...he's getting messy
"Umm, anyone have a wipe. Anyone? Anyone?"
"Is this icing or finger paint?"
"If you think I look bad, you should see the other guy."
What a special day. This is one we will never forget!

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