Thursday, September 16, 2010

Proud Wife!

I am so proud of my amazing husband! Nathan has an incredible voice and he has been singing for years. He's had the reputation of "the wedding singer" and unfortunately, "the funeral singer." But now he's our Choir Boy! (Sorry, I just had to say it...Nathan loves it when I call him choir boy.)

We attend Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. FC is the 7th largest church in the country, which has an average attendance (5 campuses) of 17,500+ people. Although it is massive, one of the reasons we love it so much is because of the incredible music program. We've always said it is Hollywood quality-- and it really is. I remember just a year ago Nathan looked at me and said,"I wish I could be up on that stage singing."

I am so proud of Nathan because he took his dream and made it a reality. About 6 weeks ago he auditioned for the music program. They loved his voice but loved his heart and attitude even more (he just wanted to serve the church-- no agenda). They have used Nathan every weekend in one way or another. He had the honor of singing on "Front Line"-- which is just 5 singers on stage. You have to be there to fully understand how amazing this is! My entire family came to watch and this past weekend, Deb was here and got to see her son perform. We all can't help but tear up when we see him on stage. You should see him after he sings. I swear his feet don't even touch the ground he is so happy.

Nathan, you rock! I am so proud of you.
Nathan and Deb after the service
Family came to cheer daddy on


shannon houlihan said...

Great family picture! I know you are so proud of him!!

Sally said...

ahhhhhhh!!!! love the choir boy and love YOU!!! that is a beautiful family pic!!!!

The Alexanders said...

Oh, I do know how big that is. That is great Nathan, congrats. Hopefully we will get a chance to hear you sing. Mel tape it on your phone and post it the next time he sings.