Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Carson Kyle!

Carson Kyle,
How is this happening? I was just writing your 1st birthday letter what feels like three months ago. How has another year gone by? Time really flies with you...because we are having so much fun. Two years ago, right now (9:06am), we were at the hospital and you were born just one hour later. I can't believe it's already been two years. So much has happened this year. You learned how to walk, you got all of your teeth, you learned how to say your alphabet and count to 10, we learned how much you love to sing....and somehow, you've managed to become sweeter. How many moms of 2 year old boys say they have an angel baby? You are literally the sweetest child I have ever met. You will never understand how important you are to all of us. It's been an amazing and really difficult year...which is why we all spoil you rotten.
Even though you are incredibly limited with your diet, you handle it so well. I would have a fit watching the world eat mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets & fries. I see you watching (so I know you realize what's up) and yet you are still so good about it. I love how tough and brave you are.
You are so precious to your sister, Alex. It is so fun to watch you guys play and sing together. She makes you laugh all the time!
Your daddy is the BEST. Daddy loves to roughhouse with you. You probably won't remember this, but every single night, Mommy and Daddy put you to bed together. We sing you songs and we both put our hands on you and pray over you. We are praying for healing and strength and protection. Just know you are literally prayed for every single day of your life.
I have to say that I love how close you and I are. If you see Mommy, you have to be right beside me. You love to walk and hold my hand, you love to cuddle, and the connection we have is crazy-amazing. I will always cherish this moment in time. I feel like no matter what happens, you will always have my back. That is mutual!
You have taught all of us so much in your two year to be brave, strong, silly, adorable and precious....despite difficult circumstances. We all see such an amazing future for you!

Happy birthday, angel! We couldn't handle a day without out you!

Your 1st birthday
12 month photo shoot

Yawn & fohawk-- one of Mommy's favorites

Sweet times with sis-- 13 months
Bath time, 13 months
Started walking, 13 months

14 months-- picture with Santa. LOL!
Christmas, 15 months
15 months

15 months

Orange, the butterfly, 15 months

Tubes & Endoscopy 14-15 months

Fun times with daddy, 16 months

Your baby dedication, 17 months

18 months
19 months
Easter, 20 months

Spring school picture, 21 months
"Chip thief" 22 months
Your first trip to the ocean, 23 months

Carson, 24 months
Can't wait to see what happens this year. We promise big things for you!


shannon houlihan said...

Happy Birthday to Carson!!

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Nicole Fields said...

Love him sooo sooo much! Happy birthday sweet Carson!

Sally said...

awww, i am tearin up! what a sweet meaningful post mel. loved seeing all the pics!!