Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh our little girl...

Today was the big "meet the teacher" day at Alex's elementary school. We talked about it all day, prepping her about meeting new friends, what to expect, etc. I just learned last night that Alex's teacher is a man, so I told her that as well to make sure and get any questions out of the way at home instead of in the moment.

On the way to school we practiced her introduction. "Hi, my name is Alex Darby. I'm 5 and it's so nice to meet you." She did great as we walked in and met the school counselor and librarian. I was so proud of her timidness and politeness. I haven't quite seen this side of our little angel.

THEN...we get to Mr. Orr's class (her teacher). She walks up to Mr. Orr and says, "Hi, I think it's kinda weird you are a boy teacher but you are REALLY cute. You've been singing to me in my dreams." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Sigh. HYSTERICAL! I am just trying to keep it together at this point.

Then, we sit at a table to fill out some papers. I suggested that Alex make friends with the girl sitting by her. She looks at the ASIAN girl, then looks back at me and says (loudly), "Mommy, I don't think she's going to talk to me because she only speaks Spanish." Lovely.

So far, so good :)
Gotta love this girl!

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Nicole Fields said...

Oh how I love that girl! I am CRACKING UP!!!! I bet the teacher is already loving her! She will be teachers pet with her cute personality.