Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Fun in Little Rock (July 20-24)

Warning: massive picture overload! I loaded up the kids and headed to Little Rock for a summer play date with my sis-in-law and her three boys. DeDe & Pops blessed us with several kiddo free days before the trip. Bliss! This was our first and only pool trip to LR for the summer. I'm sad it's over-- the kids were in heaven! And, the biggest blessing is that ABCDE are on the gluten free diet too so we were able to cook for the kids, share recipes and learn from each other. That was awesome! You will see from the pics that we spent the entire week in the pool. I just have to brag on my 2 fish, I mean kids. They are amazing in the water! Alex can swim all the way to the bottom of the deep end to find rings, she did cannonballs and was totally independent. Carson was a STUD in the pool. With just 2 floaties on, the boy figured out how to balance himself and also how to kick and swim to the things he wanted. He was such a pleasure in the pool which made it fun for everyone. Check out the pics!
Pops' princess. She melts his butter big time :)
Alex chunking a Barbie in the pool
Sweet Carson (22 months)
Eat this kid up!!!!!
More photo experiments (kids had a tan which helped this time)
Carson, the explorer
Ahh! I love my baby boy!!
Sweet moments
Mommy & Carson get some fun time in the water
Big boy on his own
My fish
Swim date at the Finley Farm: NINE children!!! Insane, but awesome.
Our girl in action
Check out that action shot. My nephews are incredible in the water.
Alex conquers the slide.
Caden was beyond amazing with Alex. He was so sweet with her.
Aunt Onnie shares her hat with Alex :)
Chubber thighs!
My mermaid
DeDe & Alex get some princess bonding in
Mommy with her kids
Hysterical! Check out that body language
All 5 cousins in the pool
Pops with his 4th grandson
Zhu Zhu pet competitions
Kids playing on DeDe's iPad (a huge hit)
Pops and Alex's nightly ritual: strawberry ice cream
Aunt Onnie with all the kids
DeDe and Carson had a great time in the water together
Look at all these boys. Don't be fooled: Alex can hold her own!
Sweet Caden gave Alex many piggy back rides
Onnie with the kids
Aunt Onnie and Alex get some cuddles in
Sisters & Sistas! (This is actually at Deb's bday party but it qualifies for Summer LR pics)

Awesome, awesome times!

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