Thursday, February 11, 2010


I think God has made Alex my guardian angel this past week. After doc appointments and meeting with a nutritionist, I am spending hours in the kitchen, and I know a lot of these foods are less than appealing. As usual, Alex surprises me. I would have guessed that Carson would be decently laid back and open to trying out the foods and Alex would be a nightmare. opposite! I really think I'd be ready to throw in towel if it weren't for the encouragement of my friends and fam....and Alex especially. She has been asking me which foods are healthy, etc.
Last night after cooking a huge meal, I was pretty discouraged. Carson just screamed through the whole process and literally wouldn't try a single thing. After spending much of my only MDO day in the kitchen, getting that response was less than inspiring.
Alex could tell I was upset and came over and put her hand on my shoulder and said, "What's the matter little fella? Do you want to talk about it?" Seriously!!
I died laughing! After I told her that I was upset about Carson not eating she ran after him, sat him down and gave him a stern talking to. I explained he is a baby and doesn't know any better, but she told me, "don't worry momma, I told him he needs to eat "healfee" and now he will obey." Ah, I love her.

A few more I need to make sure and note:
*Walks in to the bedroom at 7am announcing, "I can't get any more beauty sleep. I've had all I need."
* Alex went up to Nathan the other morning before work (completely decked out in princess gear from head to toe), put her hands on both of his cheeks and said, "Daddy, be brave. You must obey Jesus so you don't go to timeout at work."
*And everything is "dis-suck-king" aka disgusting. When Carson had a toxic diaper the other day she came to me and said "Ugh! Why does Carson keep pooping ALL the time? It's sooo dis-suck-king. You need to teach him to use the potty like me."

And it goes on and on...she makes me so happy.

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Anonymous said...

My last encounter with Alex went exactly like this as I was headed for the door to leave your house, "Hey! Hey!...... YOU MELT MY BUTTER!"

Love, Brigitte, who cannot figure out how to join this dang site to post comments without being anonymous.