Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two princesses

One of my dear friends, Jaime, made Alex a special handmade outfit. She made one for her daughter as well and we decided to have a little photo shoot with the girls. Kaitlyn & Alex are 10 months apart in age and have always been the best of friends. They play so well together. When one is sad, the other is there to comfort. It is beyond precious. Thank you Jaime for the awesome outfit. She loves it...and loves K even more.

beautiful Kaitlyn

I think this one is my favorite

darling girls

not sure what they are doing, but it's funny


DeDe said...
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DeDe said...

(Made an OOPS!) Stinkin ADORABLE! There's absolutely nothing to compare to best friends & sisters ... and daughters-in-love!

shannon houlihan said...

They are so precious together!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

precious! love the outfits! i need to get some shots of them together at some point!

Sally said...

awww, how cute!!! sooo fun that they get to grow up together and share all these fun memories together! Way to go Jaime - the outfits are sooo cute!! you are multi-talented!