Monday, August 24, 2009


*Alex is always a happy: "Mommy, I was really freak-in out because I just stepped in something wet." That is 100% my fault. We were laughing hysterically-- what 4 year old says they are freakin' out?

*One more Alexism: When she eats something she loves she stands up, closes her eyes and sings like Stevie Wonder, "I've got a paaarty in my tummy. My food is so yummy. Oh yea, I got a paaaaarty in my tummy."

*Man vs. Food: Our new favorite show. It's on the Travel channel. Has anyone seen this? It's awesome! We watch a normal guy take on these insane food challenges such as:Um, right?! Have fun with that one!

*Da Ghettis: They are our lastest Darby addition. I caught two lizards back in June while staying in Little Rock. All I can say is that I wish we had that captured on film. I was such a girl squealing and running around "freakin' out." Alex cleverly named them "Ghetti 1 & Ghetti 2." You know, short for spaghetti?! She is too much. Now I have the privilege of taking the kids to Petland weekly to purchase live crickets so the lizards can eat. In all honesty, we've really enjoyed having them! I can't believe they are still alive.

*One of my best friends, Nicole, is about to have her first baby. I am so happy b/c she is my neighbor. I don't have any Carrollton peeps to play with, so I am soooo excited that she will be home and close! YAY!

*Godparents: I am so blessed with amazing Godparents for my kids. Thank you both for watching our kiddos last weekend. Couldn't have done it without you!

*Saving the best for last...DAIRY! I am officially done nursing which means I am back to eating like a normal human being. I have been thoroughly enjoying myself. Snickers for breakfast (I ain't even lying!) Hooray for homemade ranch, pizza, ice cream, etc. I am loving it!


DeDe said...

And here's one of my humongous DeDe Darby Happies ... YOU!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

how cute is alex! party in my tummy! i love her!
and yeah for dairy!!!! did it take you a bit to get back used to it?
p.s. your blog give me happies!

Sally said...

yay for Dairy!!!! who know milk products could bring such joy!! ha ha, so happy for your lil mama - enjoy!!!!

Jaime said...

ahhh :) NO having Carson was MY happy!

Nicole Fields said... happy I made your happy page. It is definitely a happy for me too!!! I can't wait. Carson and Easton are going to be great buddies!