Sunday, August 9, 2009


*Summer concerts: We saw Coldplay in Dallas and the Idol tour in Little Rock all in one week. If you are a Coldplay fan, the concert is worth every penny. It was amazing. I've been listening to The Scientist, The Hardest Part and Sparks.

*Watching my little man accomplish something new every single day. He blows my mind. It's so special to watch someone you adore learn the ways of the world, and even more honoring to be the teacher.

*Rainforest Cafe: Mom and I took the kids to Rainforest Cafe this week. We had so much fun together. The company made the day special. I love you, mom. You are my best friend. I miss laughing with you like we did Friday. I am so proud of you and admire your undying optimism.

*Summer camps: pictures to come. Alex is in drill team camp, ballerina princess camp and a princess dress up camp.

*Grape propel...I've listed this before, but it deserves another shout out!

*Ballet...I'm actually considering taking classes again. I miss it.

*3GS: loving the speed and video features.

*Fruit snack fights: I love you, Nathan.

*Driving at the beginning of sunset. There is something really special about this time of day. I love to be outside just before the sun goes to sleep. Especially in the summer b/c it's finally cool enough to go out!

*Rolemodels: has anyone seen this movie? AHHH!

*Finally, a sentimental happy...realizing you are stronger than you thought you were. Motherhood has given me a sense of independence and strength. I adore this place in time.

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