Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Play dates

We have had some great play dates over the past few weeks. First, Alex & Kaitlyn get together every Friday...and it seems that every Friday provides a photo op. These two are HILARIOUS together. The pictures say it all:

Silly princesses
Align Center

Make a crazy face
Just love this of Kaitlyn!
Sweet friends
Thanks for all of the fun play dates Jaime & KK!


Then, my prego friend Sally (also a Baylor gal) drove from Waco with her son Jackson to play for the day. Sally is due soon, so this was our last hurrah for a while. Don't worry Sal, I'll come see you! Jackson and Alex were adorable. Jackson was really shy at first and Alex was offended he didn't want to play. We were a little worried...but soon enough they were best friends. They even ate lunch on the patio alone. So cute. Here is a series of photos. Need I say more? We think they have a crush on each other now. I did hear Alex ask Jackson to be her handsome prince and to kiss her. Unacceptable!

Step 1: Ask the princess to dance
Step 2: Show her your sassy moves. Jackson's got game FO'SHO!
Step 3: Make sure you hold her hand
Step 4: Compliment her and watch her swoon
Step 5: Get some hugs...you are doing good buddy
Step 6: Throw her on the ground
Step 7: Hmm, REALLY? REALLY? What is going on?!
Step 8: Pillow talk is always a bonus
Nice job, Jackson. Your da man!


Sally said...

MELFA!!!!!!! those are soooo cute!! loved your captions, they are perfect!! hee hee. :)
KK & Alex are hilarious together too - what memories!

shannon houlihan said...

All 3 kids are too cute together!! Love the pictures of them all!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

so precious!