Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October randoms

I will be sparing you all from Carson monthly updates, so here are some fun family randoms:

"I got my muscles from daddy"

On his way to school
Awesome family day at the park
Carson loves to swing just like his sis

Alex and her boyfriend, Sam holding hands. I walked in and found them like this!
Abbi reads to Alex & Sam at bedtime
Saved the best for last....ghetto princess strikes again!
Daddy's hat & "graduate ATG dymano t-shirt"
This is "butterfly barbie princess with Alex's homemade sunglasses and cheer uniform top??"


shannon houlihan said...

Carson is so cute and Alex is hilarious with the outfits!

Sally said...

OMG - those are great!! that pic of Alex and her beau -- i had to take a double take bc Sam almost looks like Jackson!! hee hee. :)