Monday, May 18, 2009

The results are in

This past Friday, Nathan competed in the Chick-fil-idol finals! After three nights of singing, they asked 12 finalists to come back and compete for the prestigious honor of being D/FW's best undiscovered talent :)
Nathan's first song was absolutely amazing! He sang Chris Tomlin's version of Amazing Grace a capella. That is a brave song to tackle, especially a capella. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin was really cool to see people react to him. So, after the 12 finalists sang, the judges narrowed the group down to the top 5. They eliminated the contestants just like they do on idol. They drug it out forever and grouped up the singers into 3 different groups based on talent.
Nathan made the top 5! Woo-hoo!!!!

The top 5 had to sing AGAIN (not sure why they didn't just pick a winner after one song). There was a panel of judges from Wachovia bank and a member of Fox4 news as well. Nathan's second song was "I'll be"- this was the song he sang the first week. He did a great job! I have to say...Amazing Grace was just a more powerful choice. All of the finalists were SO talented. We were blown away by the level of talent. We think he placed 4th. Come to find out, the top 3 singers are all from a church choir and sing we think he did pretty darn great! No professional singing here...just a hardworking daddy of two!
We are SO proud of you, Nathan! I just love that he had the guts to get up and do this.
Finally, shame on Chick-fil-a....all he got was a t-shirt!!! We were hoping for some free food, but the memories are enough (sigh). HA!! I wish you all could have been there to hear him sing. He is and always will be my idol for sure!

Nathan singing Amazing Grace

Alex getting some love from the famous cow

Of course Alex ran into his arms again while he was was so precious!


shawna said... w/ u on that one...uummm hello i sang my heart out & all i got was this tshirt...:) well congrats anyways for all ur hard work & getting up there & doing tha dang thing! ;) ps LOVE LOVE LOVE chris tomlins vs of amazing is my favorite!! im sure he rocked it out!! and better than the free tshirt....he brought glory to god in that chicken place that night!! xoxox

Nicole Fields said...

I wish we could have seen him. Tell him we are proud of him...TOP 5...very impressive!