Thursday, May 28, 2009


*All these new babies! Congrats Teefa, Rachel, Tara and Kelly.
*Alex's new phrase "Oh my gosh-e-moly." Combo of OMG and Holy Moly! HA!!!
*This weather- we have a swingset in the backyard so we have been spending hours outside. I think kids should just live outside because they are so much happier that way.
*The entire month of May: mother's day, memorial day, anniversary and bday....happiness overload!
*Two pieces of corn...which are Carson's bottom two teeth pokin' out-- they are so cute and make me smile. His psycho hair is awesome too!
*Flip flops. YEAH!
*Hats and ponytails...I love summer.
*POOL TIME!! Can't wait to take Carson to the pool this weekend for his first swim.
*Nathan reading me to sleep. This has become our nighttime ritual and I love it! It takes all of five minutes before I am racked out.

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