Sunday, May 3, 2009

Carson month 8: April 2 - May 2

Stop growing up so fast!!
I can't believe my baby. My baby is already 8 months old. Time is flying by a little too quickly. I guess two kiddos does that to you.

We had an awesome month and stayed very busy as usual.
We celebrated Carson's first Easter at home and it was such a special holiday for our fam. I posted pics earlier, but any 1st holiday with your baby is always a memorable one and this was no exception.

Yes, I am still the milk maid. I don't see this changing anytime soon and I am thrilled! I will say, it is a challenge keeping up with him though. Whew, that boy can eat. He has finally started on solids and they don't seem to be upsetting his tummy anymore. Thank goodness! I needed some outside assistance-- hehe. We are feeding him sweet potatoes, avocado, squash and green beans. Haven't tried fruit because it tends to be a bit tougher to digest. Still, this is a huge accomplishment!

He is such a love and he is SUCH a flirt! Carson truly connects with people and I think that makes him special (I know every mom says that). To know him is to love him.

We experimented with some new hairstyles this month....see below! He is such a little Nathan. I am so used to dealing with Alex's hair that playing with mousse and spiking hair is a fun outlet for mommy. Poor kid.

One of our new favorites is going to the park and swinging in the big boy swing. Sweet big sis thinks this is really cool because she can help push him! This is really one of the first times I've seen them do the same thing together. It is so fun to watch them giggle back and forth at one another. Some of his other favorites include grabbing faces, playing with his feet, watching other kids, and hearing his own voice (hmm..wonder where he gets that)?!

I think the biggest development from month 7 to 8 has been his personality. He has always been animated, but now I can see a little glimpse of the bigger version we will soon meet. I like what I see :)

Pete & Repeat
New hairstyles, you like?


Angel baby in his crib

One of our favorites...bath time!
Alex loves being my little helper
Fun times at the park with DeDe

Carson's first time to swing

Bro & Sis swinging together!

Introduction to Petland (another idea sponsored by Alex)

Jumparoo is still his favorite by a mile

His shirt says "Teething Bites." HA! That pretty much sums up our month :)


Sally said...

awww, love these! and love his lil mowhawk!! TOO CUTE! Was Alex helping do CPR in that one photo? ha ha, she is such a great big sis.

themacdonnells said...

He's soooo cute! That Jumparoo was the best investment we made for Lukas! He was in that thing non stop from the time he could sit in it safely to the time we had to put it away due to weight limits!!

You have the cutest family :)

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

could he possibly get any cuter? NO!!!! that boy is already a little heartbreaker! ahhh, i love him; his smile just makes you happy looking at it!

shannon houlihan said...

love his mohawk, hehe! he is so big and so cute!

Jaime said...

spikey hair is my FAV!!!

Hollie @ Happy Couponing said...

I spiked Lawson's hair as well - so much fun! Grady Quinn is all curls so no spiking & I was sad! They are super cute!