Saturday, April 11, 2009


We watched Fireproof last night (better late than never). If you haven't seen it with your spouse, we highly recommend it!
The acting on a scale of 1-10 (10 being amazing, 1 terrible) only a 2. It's very low-budget, and the acting is pretty over the top. The message, however, is a 15 out of 10!
So, if you can look beyond the production value and acting and watch it for the message, your marriage will be enriched!
PS- Nathan, I. LOVE. YOU.


aLena said...

I agree the acting was horrible and I almost stopped watching it after the first 5 min. But once you get into it, the message is truly amazing. I would definitely recommend it.

Sally said...

ditto!! how awesome was the message in that film? agree, besides ole Kirky Cameron, the acting was a little cheese, but ahh! had a renewed vision and excitment for my marriage. i want to see it again to keep it all fresh.