Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heart of Gold

This made my day-- received this email from Alex's preschool teacher yesterday:
"I was having the worst day ever, and while the class was working at their tables, I was sitting at my desk filling out papers and Alex came over to me out of nowhere and she gave me the biggest hug ever and then took my face in her hands and said, " I love you Ms. Amanda, you need a hug." I just squeezed her so tight and thanked God for her and her sweetness. It made me feel so much better. If she only knew how much I needed that. What a blessing!"
Melted my heart!!!


Rachel said...

so i know i have prego emotions and all, but that totally made me cry! what a little gift from God Alex is!

Sally said...

what a sweet lil girl you have. :) she learned that sweetness from her mama!! :) and her daddy too of course...don't wanna leave N8 out. :)
hugs to you, i miss you!

Erin Basden said...

Awww!! She is such a sweetie! :) I know that had to make you so proud!

shannon houlihan said...

What a sweetheart she is!

Ebes said... sweet! What a great story!