Tuesday, January 20, 2009


*Double Stuff Oreos-- who knew Oreo's are dairy free? Well, that would be because they are nothing but a load of artificial ingredients! Who cares...it's something I can eat that almost resembles chocolate. Hooray! Why would anyone eat a regular Oreo? It's all about the Double Stuff Love!
*3 Day Weekends-- this is really how it should be. We got it all wrong with this 5 day work week crap...I think we should all come together and ban work on Mondays. No more Sunday blues.
*Reading-- ahh, I've missed my addiction for reading. I used to be an avid reader and since my precious babies entered the scene, a LOT of things have gone to the wayside. When I finally get a free moment, I am rushing around cranking out to-do's or maybe catching a quick nap. But, I finally got it in gear and picked up the Twilight series and I'm a reading fool again. I am so glad to be back!

"These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which, as they kiss, consume."--Romeo & Juliet

*Seven Pounds-- movie starring Will Smith. One of those "just go and see it" movies.
*Tin Star-- my new fave: chips and salsa with fresh lime and
rock salt.

*Alex's concerts-- our girl truly has a musical gift. I need to post a video of her singing. Diva-Alex knows every song and can sing it in perfect tune. It's rare to catch her walking around without a microphone. I love that someone in our home is always singing.
*Laughter-- an obvious happy, but I love the way our family "plays." We laugh all the time! Everyone is different behind closed doors. We are not fancy, formal, or put together. We are always a mess and always cracking up over something. We love to play jokes on each other, leave silly notes or gang up on a unsuspecting family member. My family makes me so happy!

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Sally said...

ahhh! who knew oreos were dairy free??? i love it!!! SO glad you found a fun treat you can enjoy...and i am SO gonna have to try that salsa...YUM-O!!