Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I think I am officially in heaven...my daughter is having princess slumber parties! Does it really get any cuter than this? Jaime's daughter, Kaitlyn, came over and spent the night with us last Sunday. The girls were hilarious and wheels off the entire time. We had a lot of competition for being the boss. I love that both of them have such big personalities! Nathan and I loved sitting in the other room and just listening to them. Here are a few pics from our slumber party:

Crazy girls jumping on the bed

Bedtime was another dramatic event. The girls fueled each other's fire "I need to potty." "I'm thirsty." "There's monsters in my bed." Here are a few pics of our attempts to get them settled down:

Mel tries prayer time

Darby was such a great sport reading "How to be a Princess."

The next morning, we had a Princess Fashion Show starring Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella:

Alex and Kaitlyn truly love each other...and it shows. I hope this never changes! I'm just glad I have a few pictures of them clothed!

Finally, my favorite thing Kaitlyn did: she called us "Mel" and "Darby" the entire time. It rubbed off on Alex and I've heard her yelling "Miss Mel" or "Daaaaarrrrrbbbbbyyyy" several times this week. Too cute to correct!


Tara James said...

Girl, you know I LOVE these!!!

Jaime said...

ahh I want a copy of EVERY one of these!! I just love that they are best friends just like us!! Thanks so much for watching her for us too - you guys are the best!

shannon houlihan said...

They are adorable together!! What precious little friends. So sweet!

Sally said...

ahhhh! how cute are they???? SO FUN!