Wednesday, August 13, 2008

36 weeks!

Today was an exciting day-- Nathan and I went to see the OB for my 36 week checkup. There is something about hitting the 9 month mark that makes it all feel very real. I don't understand the whole 9-10 month pregnancy concept and the weeks make it even more confusing....bottom line: we are getting close! If I have Carson when I had Alex, we are less than 2 weeks away!

We were able to see him today via sonogram which was very cool! It's such a different view than the 16 or 20 week sonogram because now the baby is fully developed. We were only able to see large parts on the screen and it was much harder to decipher what we were actually looking at. We saw him in a "dive position." His head was fully down and in a he's ready to go.

According to the doc, Carson is 6lbs. 9oz which puts him in the 63% for weight. I am not dilated or effaced yet so although he is locked and loaded, my body hasn't started the next steps yet.
It was a very exciting appointment and now they are weekly, so check back on Thursday for the next update.

We are off for a date night tonight- yeah! We are going to Abacus off McKinney Ave. in downtown Dallas. Abacus was created by Kent Rathbun, from Top Chef, so we are looking forward to a relaxing and faaaancy evening.

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